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March 2016

Wanna convince your library to run a relay? Use our resources!

We’ve been slowly putting together a resource packet of ideological, technical, and legal resources to help libraries who are considering running exit relays.

Today we added a new resource to that packet, a template letter to send to library stakeholders, introducing them to Tor and urging them to join the project. Special thanks to our awesome volunteer Raven Cooke, who kindly wrote this template letter for our whole community to use.

Let us know if you find this resource packet useful, or if there’s anything missing from it that you’d like to see.

Fighting the Global Arena panel at Logan Symposium

LFP Director Alison Macrina joined last week’s Logan Symposium panel “Fighting the Global Arena” with David Mirza Ahmad of Subgraph and Julian Assange, moderated by Jérémie Zimmerman. Watch the recording here.