Get Involved

If you believe in what we're doing at the Library Freedom Project, there are multiple ways you can get involved.

Three Easy Ways to Help

From raising awareness to teaching your own class, your involvement will help make the world a more secure, private place.

Contact Your Local Library

Ask your local library to host a privacy workshop or class hosted by the LFP.

Support the Tor Project

Volunteering your time, skills, or money to Tor helps to make our privacy tools better.

Teach Your Own Privacy Class

Using our resources, you can educate others by teaching your own privacy classes.

When in Doubt, Donate

Being a non-profit, the Library Freedom Project is only possible because of the generosity of your tax-deductible donations. If you can, consider making a donation today.

  • “DHS (Department of Homeland Security) fought to stop libraries from using privacy technology, but @LibraryFreedom beat them. Librarians are badass.”
    Edward Snowden
    Board Chairman, Freedom of the Press Foundation