photo of Alison MacrinaAlison Macrina is a librarian, internet activist, the founder and director of the Library Freedom Project, and a core contributor to The Tor Project. Alison is passionate about connecting surveillance issues to larger global struggles for justice, demystifying privacy and security technologies for ordinary users, and resisting an internet controlled by a handful of intelligence agencies and giant multinational corporations.

Kade Crockford is the director of the Technology for Liberty project at the ACLU of Massachusetts, where they write the Privacy Matters blog. Their writing has appeared in Truthout, the Nation, the Guardian, and the Boston Globe, among many other outlets. In addition to writing and public speaking on surveillance, Kade conducts research and serves as an in-house policy expert on issues at the intersection of policing and technology.

kevin_lfpKevin Gallagher is a Linux systems administrator assisting the Library Freedom Project. He’s also a writer and activist who is enthusiastic about privacy, security and freedom of information. He’s been an advocate as the director of Free Barrett Brown, a support network and legal defense fund formed to help a jailed journalist. He formerly worked for Freedom of the Press Foundation, a non-profit that supports and defends transparency journalism. Additionally, he helps Transparency Toolkit, an organization that gathers open data on surveillance and human rights abuses and develops free software to analyze it, as well as Zcash, a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency that aims to set a new standard for privacy.

picture of Myrna MoralesMyrna Morales is a longtime activist and organizer working on critical social change in and out of libraries. She used to be one of those people who would roll her eyes whenever anyone talked about privacy and surveillance, and say “I have nothing to hide. Let them do whatever they need to do.” Then things got real, and she realized that anti-surveillance work is an absolutely a critical component to getting ALL OF US free. Myrna now works on providing anti-surveillance triage and trainings within community organizations.