Thanks for your interest in running a Tor exit relay at your library! Please review these questions and send your answers to [email protected]. Your input is important and appreciated.

1. How much bandwidth do you have at this library?

2. How many IP addresses do you have at this library?

3. Does your network support IPv6?

4. How many IP addresses and how much of your bandwidth can you dedicate to this program?
(Note: Ideally, an exit relay should have its own IP address. For bandwidth, exit relays can run on a minimum of 10 mbit/s. Fast relays: 10 mbyte/s. Superfast relays: +50 mbyte/s.)

5. What is your internet service provider?

6. Are you willing/able to increase your bandwidth for this project? (Note: We’ll totally help you make the case for this to your stakeholders.)

7. Are you currently running any internet public services like torrent machines or Tor relays? If you already run Tor relay, can you please share the nickname or fingerprint with us? We’re interested to see how your relay is doing on the network, how much bandwidth can your network push and how stable it is compared to other relays. (Note: Don’t worry if you don’t know what we’re talking about here!)

8. Do you have any hardware you could donate to this project? Computers, hard drives, network switches, cables, etc? This hardware will be used either at your library or others that don’t have enough resources.

9. Can you briefly describe your server room setup for us? Do you have a rack? Any servers that could run a VM?