Alison Macrina

Founder & Executive Director

Along with founding the Library Freedom Project, Alison is a librarian, internet activist, and a core contributor to The Tor Project. Passionate about surveillance and it’s connection to global injustice, Alison works to demystify privacy and security topics for ordinary users.

Kade Crockford

Policy & Research

Kade is the Director of the Technology for Liberty project at the ACLU of Massachusetts. Their blog- Privacy Matters– has appeared in Truthout, the Nation, the Guardian, and the Boston Globe. In addition to writing and speaking on surveillance topics, Kade is the LFP’s in-house policy expert on issues regarding policing and technology.

Kevin Gallagher

Engineering Advisor

Kevin is a writer, activist, and Linux sysadmin focused on privacy, security, and the freedom of information. He’s the Director of Free Barrett Brown; a legal defense fund for a jailed journalist. He also hacks on the Transparency Toolkit, an org tracking surveillance and human rights abuses and regularly contributes to Zcash, a privacy-centric cryptocurrency.

Myrna Morales

Activism and Outreach

A longtime activist and organizer, Myrna fights for social change across a spectrum of different social causes. Realizing that the promotion and advocacy of privacy is a critical component to making us truly free, Myrna now works on providing anti-surveillance triage and trainings within community organizations.

Mike Finch

Design Advisor

Mike is a designer, writer, and privacy wonk in the Pacific Northwest. He’s the founder of Get Protected; a directory of privacy-first apps and services, and of Open Design; a community determined to get designers more involved in open source.