Thanks for your interest in helping Library Freedom Project! An organization of our size (tiny!) is not very well equipped to handle a serious volunteer corps. That said, here are some things you can do that would be really helpful to us!

[1] Contact your local library (or the library where you work!) and ask them to host one of our privacy workshops for librarians and/or one of our community privacy classes. [2] Ask that same library to consider supporting one of our other projects, such as spinning up a Tor exit relay or signing the Library Digital Privacy Pledge. If you need help making a case for points [1] or [2], you might refer to some of the press we’ve received. [3] Teach your own computer privacy class using our resources. Thanks for honoring our Creative Commons attribution! [4] Volunteer for Tor Project (or another privacy-enhancing FOSS project). Helping the projects we rely on helps us immensely! [5] Write an op-ed in your local paper supporting the work of LFP, and encouraging your library and community to get involved. This editorial from the Valley News in New Hampshire helped generate amazing support for our Tor exits project. [6] Come up with your own great idea for helping LFP and tell us about it. The best ideas are those that don’t need a lot of input or involvement from our current staff. We are grateful for your enthusiasm, but we are also pretty swamped!